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Topic subjectBrooklyn Night Bazaar
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12709532, Brooklyn Night Bazaar
Posted by MEAT, Mon Jan-26-15 01:56 PM
Worth checking out or should I find something else?
Event photos seem monochromatic
12709569, I've been. It's super white hipstery up in there
Posted by Chanson, Mon Jan-26-15 02:11 PM
Worth going? Eh. There's a booth there that has a ton of vinyl. I liked digging through that.

The food is cool too.

I wouldn't say it's a must visit but it's alright. If you have the time then check it out.
12709576, Thanks. Any solid recommendations? Donuts/Allstar weekend.
Posted by MEAT, Mon Jan-26-15 02:14 PM
12709584, its how i found hill country bbq
Posted by lfresh, Mon Jan-26-15 02:17 PM
if they are there get some bbq

(unless you come from a very popular bbq part of the country then ignore me lol)

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12709592, I'm from Austin, TX. I vouch for Hill Country Bbq in the NE.
Posted by MEAT, Mon Jan-26-15 02:21 PM
12709595, Pretty much what Chanson
Posted by madwriter, Mon Jan-26-15 02:22 PM
it's could use diversity
it was cool for a one time thing
12709587, It was there that I saw the most hipsterish thing I've ever seen
Posted by KosherSam, Mon Jan-26-15 02:19 PM
there was a booth where a guy with a handlebar mustache and suspenders was writing poems on request for suggested donations.

and when I say "writing" he was actually typing them out on a manual typewriter.
12709597, I feel like I've seen this in New Orleans
Posted by MEAT, Mon Jan-26-15 02:23 PM
But creative busking is why people go there.
Any recommendations?
12710586, I see a dude like that at the Queens Plaza station occasionally
Posted by Cam, Tue Jan-27-15 01:59 PM
Except he looks like Ron Funches, and he has a little typewriter on a tv tray, and all the poems are $5...and there's always a line of people wanting one.
12709606, its like stepping into a time machine and getting out at 2005
Posted by double negative, Mon Jan-26-15 02:28 PM
fuckers might has well be playing at the drive in
12709616, LOL
Posted by John Forte, Mon Jan-26-15 02:34 PM
12709674, LOL
Posted by BigReg, Mon Jan-26-15 03:15 PM
>fuckers might has well be playing at the drive in
12709611, I was there last week
Posted by Niq96st, Mon Jan-26-15 02:31 PM

Knick-knacks, lotions, soaps made by hipsters

Good desserts


Ping-pong and pool

Loud music

More hipsters

12709618, it's rare that an act interests me
Posted by teefiveten, Mon Jan-26-15 02:36 PM
its like they dont want anything really 'urban'
it's basically PS1's Warm Up. they may throw a bone to a group that may attract POCs more than usual but I feel like they try and avoid that. or think folks wouldn't come.
12709623, last week they had Unlocking the Truth
Posted by Niq96st, Mon Jan-26-15 02:41 PM
That was the most black people I saw there. Also saw loads of kids whose parents brought them to check out the band.

But the hipsterdom was so damn thick I ended up leaving before they performed.

12709625, Thanks. Are you all auctioning off lanes again this year?
Posted by MEAT, Mon Jan-26-15 02:41 PM
12709652, yeah we just got word so now i have to set it up.
Posted by teefiveten, Mon Jan-26-15 02:56 PM
we'll probably start the auction next week.
12709653, its a tourist eye level of hipsterism.
Posted by double negative, Mon Jan-26-15 02:57 PM
fuck, when do we get a new culture?
12709686, I like it
Posted by luminous, Mon Jan-26-15 03:22 PM
But I usually only go when I band I like is performing. Zoe Kravitz was there last time I went.
12710623, it's a fun date night..i enjoyed it.
Posted by Damali, Tue Jan-27-15 02:29 PM