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Topic subjectHere are the problems
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12700769, Here are the problems
Posted by Atillah Moor, Fri Jan-16-15 12:10 PM
>Which America has to stop treating
>us like a monoculture and open itself up to our diversity.

This just can not be. All whites have a stake in white supremacy. If we are no longer treated as a monoculture that would seem to suggest an end to White Supremacy/racism and that's just no feasible. Western society runs on that-- and it would basically guarantee a collapse of this society. Even non whites wouldn't rush to such a thing.

>When America can accept our diversity and allow for it in
>every walk of black life, well then we would have achieved.

Again that relies entirely upon white people changing and ain't nobody got time for that. None of us have another 300 or so years to wait it out and "hope" for change.

>And so for me it's not so much about black issues but
>Amercia's perception of black, and the issues that arise from

How is the American perception of black not a black issue? They seem intertwined to me. Our issues are not American issues because American i.e. white is the majority and we are not treated as the majority nor are we such.