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Topic subjectNew phone day! Recommended apps?
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12699860, New phone day! Recommended apps?
Posted by double negative, Thu Jan-15-15 01:28 PM
my iphone 4 finally fucking died finally.
upgraded to the 6 standard and I'm sitting on a lotta storage.
with the 4 i was limited with 8 gigs.

So besides the normal stuff like spotify, stiticher, 2048, two dots and the like

what are some good ones paid or not that you like?

anything goes, time wasters, productivity, all of that.
12699945, RE: New phone day! Recommended apps?
Posted by Mongo, Thu Jan-15-15 02:03 PM
Dark Sky
12699947, adobe lightroom
Posted by GHNO, Thu Jan-15-15 02:05 PM
12699959, How much storage you sitting on?
Posted by Kira, Thu Jan-15-15 02:12 PM
Swift for ripping videos off of your youtube channel.

Garageband for podcasting.

IM+ Pro7 for instant messaging across platforms.

Fitocracy for working out.

Downcast for listening to podcasts.

Infuse/AirVideo/StreamtoMe for streaming to your iphone from your computer/NAS.

Mousepro if you're like me and want to use your phone as mouse. This is a good way to get some use out of your phone if you're trying to justify the price you paid.

I've downloaded 10,000 apps and this is a small list.
12700030, 64g
Posted by double negative, Thu Jan-15-15 03:12 PM
12700001, i have this flashlight app...
Posted by morpheme, Thu Jan-15-15 02:42 PM
actually my son downloaded it.
it's bright as hell and highly functional.
12700036, if you could download this free app my son created, just on
Posted by poetx, Thu Jan-15-15 03:18 PM
a lookout, that would be much appreciated:


it allows students to take a picture of their syllabus with a smartphone and automatically scan it into their calendar and set reminders and such.

it's on android, too.

eventually it will work with stuff beyond syllabi (like, say, work schedules).

peace & blessings,



I'm an advocate for working smarter, not harder. If you just
focus on working hard you end up making someone else rich and
not having much to show for it. (c) mad
12700119, MINES
Posted by handle, Thu Jan-15-15 04:42 PM
Pedometer+ <-Keeps track of steps, free

Lose It! <-Track diet /exercise. Free

Overcast <-Podcast tool. Free for basic, some premium features cost a total of $4.99

Nike Running <-Good way to track walk/runs/hikes. Free

Slickdeals App <-Nice interface to the message boards Free

Weather Underground <-My favorite weather. Free

Beans Dreams and/or Bean's Quest <-Cool games, $2.99 each - no in game purchases.

12700130, why overcast over stitcher?
Posted by double negative, Thu Jan-15-15 04:51 PM
12700373, A few reason...
Posted by handle, Fri Jan-16-15 12:38 AM
1)Stitcher inserts it's own ads into podcasts
2)By doing #1 they often re-encode the original podcast at inferior rates

3)Overcast has a feature that allows you to listen at a faster rate WITHOUT speeding up with the pitch or making it sound like the disclaimers used at the end of commercials.

The only "bad" sting about Overcast is that you have to download the episode before you can play it - so no streaming downloads.

plus I like the user interface on Overcast - they buttons are BIG - and I listen to podcast while I hike and it makes it easier to use while I'm walking.

I had been using Downcast and Instacast before Overcast came out.