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Topic subjectIts not really to punish the kid.
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12699985, Its not really to punish the kid.
Posted by Cenario, Thu Jan-15-15 02:32 PM
ITs to get them to change their behavior and to 'protect the school'. If a kid is suspended especially before hs, the parent has to make arrangements for someone to watch them. That usually frustrates, upsets the parents and encourages them to deal with their childs behavior.

It protects the school in the sense that it shows that they took some disciplinary action and the school doesn't have to worry about the kid doing the same damn thing the next day. Hopefully, time away will give a kid time to think about his behavior, cool off if it was a fight, etc. Its usually 2 suspensions and you're out. A kid doing the same major offense in short succession would not be a good look for the school.

I agree tho that a better punishment for the child would be a detention type setting.