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Topic subjectit's probably cause you're in philly now.
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12695201, it's probably cause you're in philly now.
Posted by ndibs, Sat Jan-10-15 04:10 PM
i checked from omaha and it was the same sitch 12-1300. i checked nyc to central europe and i can find $750ish which is about what it was the last time i went. if i go, i'll buy a ticket to new york, fly into newark or laguardia and take a flight out of jfk after a day or two.

there are two issues with omaha. there are no good cheap routes from omaha to jfk (THE international airport) - so you're essentially buying two tickets. 1. a nyc to chicago AND 2. a chicago to nyc ticket for $4-500. i think the tickets max out 3-4 stops so you're missing ALL the good cheap tickets where you fly into istanbul and back to central europe.