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Topic subjectshould he not have a conscience after the fact?
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12695198, should he not have a conscience after the fact?
Posted by atruhead, Sat Jan-10-15 04:01 PM
I broke at least one woman's heart and wasnt too kind to a few others, but I was (overly) apologetic about it to everyone that I could be.

I get that expressing himself wont bring dude back, but I dont think he's looking to be relieved of guilt so much as genuinely showing remorse

I dont think anyone in the band was intent on committing murder (for me it boils down to this), they exhibited atrocious behavior and it resulted in the worst possible outcome. it would be far worse if he continued to act callous about it, that would make him a sociopath.

but maybe you're suggesting he just say nothing and do his time behind bars