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Topic subjectThey re-released those a couple different times
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12695501, They re-released those a couple different times
Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Sun Jan-11-15 02:04 PM
They sort of staggered some re-releases in the early 2000s. I remember I got a white/red patent pair that was real smooth. They also did OG colors (black/navy, black, white/navy).There were some other new colors too like white/silver and white/royal/neon. It seemed like the releases were spaced over a couple years. They did not call them the Air Max CW anymore because he was under contract with some other brand. They were called the Air Max Sensation, but it was the exact same shoe. Adidas does that with Kobe's stuff, Nike did it with KG's also, etc.

Later they did an updated version, also called the Sensation 2011 (may have had 360 in the title somewhere). This was actually a great shoe for basketball. It had a lot of the OG stylistic elements but with more mesh in the upper and a full-length Air Max 360 sole. I got an all black pair and I play in them all the time, one of the few non-Under Armour shoes I wear regularly now.