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Topic subjectRE: not really a sneaker head like that but:
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12694986, RE: not really a sneaker head like that but:
Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Sat Jan-10-15 09:43 AM
>Nike air unlimited - GREAT basketball/workout shoe. Also
>liked how it looked in all black.
>Adidas Vintage 54 retro soccer boot:

Yeah, those are sick. Adidas has so many great potential releases if they are willing to use good materials and take risks.

>Ginger 16s:
>original black/blue 18s:

They did the black/red 16s and then a black/red 18 (not a retro color) for those Countdown Packs. For some reason they seem hesitant to retro the post-Jordan Jordans. I guess they did the XV but so far no individual releases of the 16 and up. I think 16, 17 and 18 should come soon though.