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Topic subjectON: Feeling ok about the passing of a loved one
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12694368, ON: Feeling ok about the passing of a loved one
Posted by double negative, Fri Jan-09-15 01:40 PM
You ever go through this?

My moms bro died last night and I'm sad for her (kinda) and I'm sad for the adult (40 and 23 years old) children of my uncle


at the same time

I dont feel shit.

This uncle was the best when I was growing up, I loved this uncle hard. However, the older I got the more I saw how much of an emotional and financial vampire this uncle was. When people would speak of him it would not be positive and when I would sense the energy of a persons interaction with him it was also negative.

He was sick with Sarcoidosis for decades and spent the majority of his time at home just existing and being around folks. Most of his time was spent drunk and high and his habits accelerated his health issues. If you looked at him and then one of his brothers you would see a crazy amount of aging between the two due to the bad habbits my uncle maintained.

Long story short, I know all of this is painful for my loved ones but I really think this shit is for the best for those close to him. He brought some joy but the joy came with a list of negative attributes. I think this will free up some people.

You ever feel that?

Sometimes you just gotta bounce.