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Topic subjectthey taught ONE CLASS that semester
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12694604, they taught ONE CLASS that semester
Posted by deejboram, Fri Jan-09-15 03:50 PM
>a semester is different then per class or hour
>and yeah, she had a sweet gig, was tenure, but she went back
>to get her PhD
>but make no mistakes MANY CC instructors are getting ass
>it's fucn terrible

it was a bullshit math class or something
like not even algebra level
most entry level instructors at HBCU are immigrants (african/indian) that take the gig just to get a rep

i graduated in 2001 and their checks were often late and short THEN so they were threatening walkouts
even to this day, same shit, instructors having problems with getting paid
im mainly talking about the math/engineering/comp sci courses as that's what course i take and am interested in

when i was in grad school i made a HAIR less than a starting associate prof/lecturer so i wondered why it was a big deal for me to make what i made
(it wasn't really a lot but just the IDEA that a regular employee could make as much as a instructor had the dept in an uproar)
this was at an ivy league school btw