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Topic subject$500 is community college rate...man just check this swipe...
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12694470, $500 is community college rate...man just check this swipe...
Posted by deejboram, Fri Jan-09-15 02:39 PM
>bro my home girl taught two courses and was making 1,735 a
>month, only on campus 3-4 days a week
>my other homegirl taught two classes and one online and was
>making 66k
>aint no professor gunna teach for $500 per semester

and be careful using "professor" like you do
because there are instructors, associate professors, assistant professors and FULL FLEDGED professors and each level holds a certain range of pay.


On a recent day, Wilder and a few colleagues set up a table in the student union to share their stories. One of those with him was Maria Maisto, also an adjunct at Cuyahoga and president of New Faculty Majority, a national support group that's been lobbying for more pay, health insurance, job security and better working conditions.

"We have to stop hiding in the shadows," Maisto said. "We have to not be ashamed to tell our stories."

She says adjuncts here get about $8 an hour. A tall gangly man approached her, pecked at the calculator on his smartphone, and said Maisto's figures were wrong. That was Rudy Stralka, a well-regarded, full-time, tenured business professor at Cuyahoga. He says adjuncts make $22 to $23 an hour, and if you do the math, adjuncts are paid fairly — $160 per class in Maisto's case.

Maisto said she teaches one class that meets for three hours a week; Stralka said that's $26 an hour.