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Topic subjectyeah. it kinda is what it is at this point.
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12693960, yeah. it kinda is what it is at this point.
Posted by poetx, Fri Jan-09-15 12:17 AM
realistically, it can do perfect scans, with a good device camera and good device lighting and good print quality.

in reality, there may be a few characters here and there that get mangled. we'll work toward 100%, but i don't ever know if we'll get there from taking pictures. once we can consume pdfs, it'll be much cleaner.

i'm stuck between whether we are keeping it 100 w/ showing that its not yet perfect, or whether we should have it completely pristine and then ppl will be bugging out if a character is off.

we don't want to misrepresent that it is a work in progress and the hope is that what it does is so much better than not using it at all that people will forgive those imperfections initially while we take the time to hash them out.

peace & blessings,



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