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Topic subjectthat's dope, thanks. and i already hit chike up.
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12693959, that's dope, thanks. and i already hit chike up.
Posted by poetx, Fri Jan-09-15 12:11 AM
>I know some professors and a friend who ran an tutorial
>program at several colleges for a decade I passed this on to
>*fingers crossed*
>Are there limits on the app?

not geographic. it'll read english. i haven't tried it with another language yet. we eventually plan to go international. it'll be US -> english speaking countries -> other major languages / markets, with as much overlap as $$$ allows.

tryna make it do what it do before it gets knocked off. ppl been hitting the web page from all over, though. thanks to okp, our first paid user is from NZ (good looks again, ted gee!!!).

>As in would it work in Canada

prolly everywhere but quebec. at some point we'll need to address differences in how dates are notated. that might be a potential issue between 'murrican english and british / aybody else english now that i realise. (see what i bloo'y did there?)

>As in where's Chike?

yeah. we been talking via email. hoping he can pilot it at his school.

then we will officially have our first Professor of Africanomics (c) sev down w/ syllab eye.

peace & blessings,



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