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Topic subjectbtw, constructive criticism and / or feedback is appreciated.
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12693822, btw, constructive criticism and / or feedback is appreciated.
Posted by poetx, Thu Jan-08-15 05:50 PM
this don't link directly to the site so its all good.

some known issues (self-scouting)

website -- i took it over in progress, but i'm kinda stuck w/ the architecture. i'm having to dust off my skills (and they were mad dusty) and have at least been trying to keep it up to date. the templates that were used for the initial had the benefit of working for both the web and mobile, so i've been trying to just edit and alter what's there.

functionality -- i need to push out and promote a fix on the android version causing the screen to blackout on the s4 and s5 (!!!). that's fixed, and i just have to update it. will do that shortly. i have nothing to do with the code directly. the guys hired a contract development firm (one with a very good track record and client list). i've worked a lot with them to resolve issues as well as to architect the future solution. there are quite a bit of features that are presently on deck. we have a prioritized list of 'future features' to implement, and have gotten a preliminary sizing on cost and effort for implementation of them, as well as dependency mapping, etc.

plan was to get this 'good enough' to drop an ep (i hope this is more of an ep than a mixtape). full album is contingent upon us doing decent numbers.

we've tried to mitigate some of the limitations by using the template approach, ie, identifying a couple simple formats for syllabi that we know will work with the present version of the app, and getting some professors to cut and paste their syllabi into this format to assure adoption. very little work for them and they get the benefit of their students using the app. ONE major thing that we know we have to get done fairly quickly is the ability to consume pdfs and convert electronically without the medium of taking the picture. that will drastically improve accuracy. just takes a bit more time and $$ to implement.

design / aesthetics -- as mentioned above we have some more that we can do here. we worked on that also until we felt we were in 'good enough' status, with the knowledge that we'd go back and make additional changes. (the ability to 'skin' the app for a particular school's color and logo, for example).

we know we still need to get more music for the video. it was quick and free, tho, and its better than it was.

any feedback y'all can provide would be very helpful. better to hear it here (or via inbox or email) than to have it on our ratings screen.

a big part of the price point is that if it saves enough time and is cheap enough and students dig the idea that this is being done by students, hopefully we'll get enough leeway and trust to allow us to keep enhancing it and bring out those next level features that are on deck.

peace & blessings,



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