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Topic subjectgood looks. the 2nd part of your question/discussion i won't
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12693705, good looks. the 2nd part of your question/discussion i won't
Posted by poetx, Thu Jan-08-15 03:29 PM
discuss in plain sight. that's part of the long strategy, which really dwarfs the primary market.

i'll shoot you an email.

for the push notifications, that's one of our updates that is prioritized for when we get some more monies. the main purpose there is for information and inspiration. we have to tread somewhat carefully on the appearance of advertising in a paid app. what i was alluding to was the mechanism for that, tho. but you're right, that is an incredible oppty. one sets up the other, tho.

it may (or may not be) early for the ncaa conf. i was thinking before december came and went that if we'd gotten enough traction, BEYA (black engineer of the year awards) would have been a great conference / marketing /networking oppty for the guys. but that's in mid feb. prolly going to have to pass on stuff like that until next year.

i need to get in touch w/ some AD staff, however, re working out something this year. if they are gung ho on it (and really, they have no reason not to be), it may be something that drastically alters the timeline.

the technical underpinnings are a bit murky, as well. apple does institutional licenses w/ discounts for education. i don't know how that would work cross-platform though. it's on my list of ish to check on quickly.

peace & blessings,



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