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Topic subjectu da bess. (on that ncaa thing, that is a BIG potential market
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12693520, u da bess. (on that ncaa thing, that is a BIG potential market
Posted by poetx, Thu Jan-08-15 01:16 PM
for us). i was hoping we'd have already had a mtg w/ ECU's athletic dept, b/c the next place we were going (parlay off previous mtgs) is UNC (b/c they need all the help they can get).

another okp has a connect to someone who does athletic dept stuff for d3 or naia (sposed to be getting back up w/ them in jan).

and cameron and mikal share an office in their small biz incubator spot in greenville w/ a company that does academic support services for college athletics.

but for real, this is a potential game changer for us and schools.

b/c i was a d1 athlete and remember the whole support staff and all that. them folks getting paid regardless. but they got folks who could put both the syllabus ish into the tool AS WELL AS the athletic schedule (training table, treatment, practice, meetings, games, tutoring) so all that ish is right there. and you got your accountability electronically.

plus they get measured on retention and all that, so the things that we're talking about in terms of improvement to schools' bottom lines if we can move the retention needle (based off some research cam did) becomes even MORE critical for athletic depts because if they numbers are bad enough, that can lead to an early exit, or at least dampen recruiting. so this is yet another win/win. its one that was on our radar, but if you got a connect, we most definitely could use it. i was on a phone call for work work, but i'll read through the inbox now. thank you very much!

peace & blessings,



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