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Topic subjectabsolutely. i'm open to any and all criticism.
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12693450, absolutely. i'm open to any and all criticism.
Posted by poetx, Thu Jan-08-15 12:14 PM
what we have now is the MVP (minimum viable product). lots of stuff we want it to do that it does not do yet. and this started with my son and his partner signing a contract with a company in eastern europe to do the development (but not having the money!!!) so, from my involvement since around apr or may last year, everything has been, how can we get the bare basics up and functional enough to get enough users to fund building out the rest of it.

there are LOTS of things we want and need to do, functionally. aesthetically there's lots of stuff, too, but given the nature of how we're going to market, we've spent far less time and attention on that.

none of that is to be defensive, its just me laying out how we got where we are and what we got so far.

i have a background in enterprise business systems (performance, management, monitoring, software delivery, tools development, availability, etc).

i got major gaps, esp in the areas of UX/UI and i am very new to the app game and mobile. likewise, i've taken over development of our webpage (lol) and have not done that since, like, the early 2000s.

long story short, i need all the help i can get. and the guys have got about one more week of being full time sy llabeye employees before they got to get down to being full time students. so thanks in advance for any guidance, pointers or constructive criticism.

peace & blessings,



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