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Topic subjectWhat's that, you'd like to help? HERE'S HOW:
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12693413, What's that, you'd like to help? HERE'S HOW:
Posted by poetx, Thu Jan-08-15 11:57 AM
i'm actually using this poast to hash through things that are strewn around various places, but i like doing stuff like this on okp b/c of the dynamism and the feedback.


1. Pray for us. This is (at least to our beliefs) simultaneously the least and the most you can do. This is a huge opportunity (as well as a fair sized risk) for the core of this business, which is two young black men who are college students. General odds are fairly stacked against them in US society. Both of them are very conscientious and have a desire to do things the right way and to help people way beyond themselves. If successful, they can be a powerful example, and they fully intend to create a ladder that will allow many others to follow behind them.

Also, the investors. I really want them to reap benefits for the faith that they've demonstrated in creating an alternate path to opportunity. My family are not no rockefellers. But the other kid involved really has a tough financial background. If this is even a tenth as successful as it could be it will have a transformative impact on his immediate family.

2. The least you can tangibly do for us is to download the app. It is free. Get it from teh googlez, get it from teh applez -- get it from both if you got an android phone and an ipad. Getting good download numbers quickly will help a lot in terms of general visibility on the market. Even if you ain't a student and have no intention of using it.

3. Like it, retweet it, instragram it, +1 it, at least once. (i need to fix the website so you can access all that from there). it is @sylla beye (no spaces) on twitter and project syl labeye on FB.


4. can i get a dollar? the app is 99 cents on both platforms. that typically would cover a one semester license for unlimited scans of syllabi, however, until we get to around 100k or so downloads, it will be extended to cover a full year's license. that means that anyone buying now could conceivably use this for spring 2015, summmer 2015 and Fall 2015 for a dollar (or, less than the cost of a soda as we say in our ad copy). this is good for aunties and uncles and cousins and such. and friends. if you cop this for a dollar, even if you have no need for or intention of using it, it is helping grow it and provide the capital for us to make it what it needs to be (so a bigger company doesn't come in and swoop )

5. can i get a lead?

- do you know any students? please forward a link to them
- do you know any parents of students? please forward a link to them
- do you know any professors/educators/school admins? please forward a link to them and, if you don't mind, shoot me their email or contact info. there are significant benefits for professors and instructors in knowing that their entire class can potentially have all of their assignments and due dates on their phones and electronically nagging them. let us show you how to make that happen.
- do you know any media? please forward a link to them and/or hit me with their contact info

-- technology story
-- positive story on youth
-- positive story on af-am males
-- positive story on homeschooling
-- positive story on technology aiding education
-- positive story on entrepreneurship

any of the above angles would stand out in a media environment that is saturated with negativity.


6. potential partners - i won't elaborate on this too much in the daylight, but there is huge potential here. 17.9m smartphone using students in the US. whole thing is predicated on the technical solution as well as the ability to hit the ground running. we don't have a huge marketing budget so its going to take a lot of hustle, good will and synergy to make it pop. however, this can end up as a really significant opportunity. when we're making in the thousands, we'll be able to hit off street teamers (folks who do demos on their campus and spread the word to their peers via social media, etc) with a little bit of change.

when we are making in the hundreds of thousands, we'll be able to hit off campus reps in the hundreds (better than the book buyback hustle, and less time and less annoying). and if we're blessed to hit the millions, than that is thousands for ppl who were down from day one, as well as potential marketing and technical positions available.

inbox w/ inquiries of a specific nature, but we can discuss stuff in general here.

thanks all of you for everything you've done already.

and bear in mind, once $$$ starts coming in, one idea we have is to create kind of a micro vc where other ppl who may not have access to traditional funding, but who have great ideas may have a source of potential funding and also expertise in launching a business.

peace & blessings,



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