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Topic subjectthank you very much.
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12693369, thank you very much.
Posted by poetx, Thu Jan-08-15 11:25 AM
>wish i'd had this when I was in college.

me too. but it would have altered my timeline. real talk, my son needs this. his partner needs this. my other son needs this. even the first iteration should be really beneficial for students.

i didn't even realize it until later but in talking through with my middle son about how his first semester went -- my wife is ultimately the source of this idea.

i got 6 kids. the youngest 5 are homeschooled. (my oldest graduated from nc state's design school in may). for the ones that are homeschooled, my wife does all the curricula, lesson plans, etc. and she puts together a consolidated planner for each of them that has everything that they need to do on a given day (down to chores, bball or football practice, church, clubs, what have you )... so they just look at that or look ahead and know what they need to get done.

we were tryna *not* helicopter, but they didn't really know how to do that for themselves. to a large extent, this is somewhat creating that. and eventually, as we grow the functionality, it will expand to be able to do more advanced calendar/task management and even analysis of schedules. God willing, that will be some next ish that will be beneficial well beyond just school, although school will continue to be a huge market.

>about that logo though......
>polish that.
>edit: what I mean is...the "eyebrows" take away from the logo
>on the homescreen IMO...

lol @ 'eyebrows'. thanks for the feedback.

the logo (including eyebrows) has kind of grown on me. that actually came from the development team. we haven't revisited it, yet and, at least the multicolored iris part has become part of our visual brand. but that's all still fluid.

i'm open to suggestion, though, and have wondered about the eyebrows (although i think they are supposed to be lids). our design consultants (my daughter and another state grad) are both working full time in their fields now, although they hit us off w/ some stuff. it is going to be a busy, busy time these next 2 months, in particular.

peace & blessings,



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