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Posted by GHNO, Thu Jan-08-15 11:13 AM
sorry if you weren't really looking for constructive criticism here.... not trying to take away from anything...because honestly ALL my comments are focused mainly on the aesthetic presentation of the app....
but ...
the screen shots of the program in action on the Google Play Store could be polished up a bit....

For instance:
-The battery life is LOW on every screen shot. That's not a good look. Because someone might jump to the conclusion that the app drains your battery. It's just a good idea to do screen shots showing off your app when the battery level is pretty high.
-The screen shot on the phone screen shows you have a lot of apps open. That's just kinda sloppy looking. Take a screen shot with your status bar hidden, or just clear out all those notifications. If the app has an active icon, take your screen shot with just that icon in view. You want to showcase YOUR app...not any others.
-The screen shot on the tablet screen also has some erroneous running apps on it...looks like you were in USB debugging mode and on a rooted device...is debugging and root necessary to run the app? NO?, then clear that out...do a cleaner screen shot... Also, you had no wifi signal apparently...fix that. lol...
-Pick a better font for the Photo Capture screen maybe. Something about that font just seems out of place.
-Battery life again....when following the screen shots, it looks like you lost 5% of battery between initiating the app, and Selecting an Assignment to add to Calendar. Def, need to hide the batter status or take more screen shots with the battery full.

Put the best foot forward!! THIS APP IS GREATNESS!