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Topic subjectMosques were being attacked before the murders as well.
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12695016, Mosques were being attacked before the murders as well.
Posted by Backbone, Sat Jan-10-15 11:04 AM
This is just the predictable surge in incidents following any widely publicized Islamic terror attack.

This surge and the general under-reporting of attacks on mosques and Muslims is part of why I am definitely not Charlie and won't be rocking any cartoons on my clothing or social media profiles. Reproducing the Charlie Hebdo images* would just feel like kicking Muslims (most of whom have zilch to do with terrorism) while they're down. There'll be plenty of time to criticize their faith once they're finally allowed to be full fledged members of this great enlightened Western society of ours.

*) needless to say I'm all for the legal right to publish those images and don't condone violence as a response to satire or any other form of non-violent expression, like at all.