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Topic subjectRE: That's not fair.
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12694657, RE: That's not fair.
Posted by Tommy-B, Fri Jan-09-15 04:27 PM
when did i say that cartoons can't be hate speech? lol, i know perfectly well that they can. there's some despicable racist, homophobic and anti-semitic cartoons out there. some of the mainstream newspapers in muslim countries are replete with them.

thing is, the stuff that charlie hebdo was producing wasn't racist, bigotted or hate-filled. vulgar maybe. plus, it's not like their sole purpose is to single out muslims in a hope to dehumanise them or make their lives miserable. it's a satirical magazine where everything is fair game.

and i know that sowhat would never condone murder like this, but the stuff he was putting made it seem very much like he was trying to rationalise it