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Topic subjectThat's not fair.
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12694634, That's not fair.
Posted by Ted Gee Seal, Fri Jan-09-15 04:08 PM
>anybody trying to create similarities between drawing a
>picture of islam's prophet and somebody drawing a racist
>cartoon or using the word "nigger" is flat out wrong and
>copping pleas at this point

It's a better point than you give it credit for. Cartoons can become hate speech, which can make it very difficult to walk in the community. A person looking at me doesn't automatically know I'm Christian. Muslims aren't always so lucky, and minorities from other faiths sometimes get caught in the crossfire.

>i appreciate that you want to rationalise what the killers
>did, though you're all falling short and should put those
>goalposts back where they belong

SoWhat and others have repeatedly said the killers were completely wrong. What they're talking about is separate to that.