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Topic subjectthere is no equal opportunity in France
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12694287, there is no equal opportunity in France
Posted by PIMPINCHICAGO, Fri Jan-09-15 12:25 PM
Rap analogy is bad because hip hop was created as a voice of the minority and oppressed and stating their views and opinions against the powers that be. Voice of the youth and struggle and glimpse of the unseen product of white supremacy.

Charlie Hebdo didn't come from the view of the oppressed but more the oppressors and thus not a equal platform.

Now lets say that you took the voice of the oppressed and disenfranchised youth and political outcry withing hiphop and then replaced it with the oppressor and corporate machine controlling the imagery and output. Then, the images can promote their agenda without any connection to the platform which created the need for hip hop and it becomes some other shit for folks to just laugh at while ignoring the struggles that birthed the outcry.

I'm on a tangent but it's not the same thing at all and not as simple as they are just mean to everyone equally.