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Topic subjectthere are white ppl who choose not to say 'nigger'.
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12694135, there are white ppl who choose not to say 'nigger'.
Posted by SoWhat, Fri Jan-09-15 10:46 AM
They have the right to say it - it's not criminal. And they have the human right to express themselves. They choose not to use the word. Why? Out of respect and consideration for us blacks who have asked them not to. (Leave aside the blacks who still use it - that's a side issue to the one I'm presenting - partly bc the power differential isn't present there and my point is about whitey exercising free expression while being considerate of minorities whitey oppresses)

Charlie should've done the same, IMO. Or at least if they were gonna depict the Prophet they could've done it more respectfully. But ain't nobody talking about that bc those fool ass terrorists shot up the joint and fucked up the whole conversation. Fuckers. Plus, you know, ppl hate Arabs and Muslims.