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Topic subjectain't nobody got time for that
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12694126, ain't nobody got time for that
Posted by Atillah Moor, Fri Jan-09-15 10:38 AM
Most folks want the path of least resistance. It will take a very special person to "talk down" folks who can easily use their religion to support their violence.

Christians and Jews can't easily do such (act violently) IMO and I mean according to the writings in their texts. Christians in particular because Jesus is similar to Buddha in the sense that both espouse peace. So if a Christian instigates violence he or she would have a very hard time justifying it (I'm looking at you Emperor Constantine) and if a Jew acts in violence it's usually tied to self defense or the land of Israel (which is a scared area of belief to both them and Muslims) this has been true in times past and present.

It seems In my opinion easier for radical Muslims to use violence because there appears to be more gray in how "appropriate force" is justified in it's texts.