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Topic subjecti'm in my mid 30s and it didn't move me in the slightest
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12693313, i'm in my mid 30s and it didn't move me in the slightest
Posted by initiationofplato, Thu Jan-08-15 10:42 AM
i am the product of western culture and completely desensitized. for as long as i remember people have been killing and exploiting each other, and entertaining each other with death and destruction. violence has always been easier than love. not sure why this particular event is any different.

this society is clearly about the survival of the fittest. it breeds predators. any high ideals you may have for the world will only alienate and frustrate you. the only thing that makes any sense is knowledge and development of self, or creating art which can express how you feel.

i highly recommend Zen Buddhism if you want to be at peace. it's the only thing i find that works as it teaches a healthy level of detachment and involvement.