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Posted by S_Ali, Thu Jan-08-15 11:01 AM
People from the D seem to be real serious about that. I have a a few boys from Detroit that have been here in DC for over 20 years. Even people in our immediate social circle that were born in Detroit and went to elementary school in the city but then moved to Southfield can not claim Detroit according to them. Don't let them hear her tell somebody she is from Detroit. On the flipside, whenever they go home somebody stay introducing them as their boy from MD. I'm like dude you have been living here for 20 years. Just because all your clothes tailored doesn't change that.

My oldest son is 12, we moved from DC to Bowie, MD when he was 7. He just started claiming Bowie last year. Before that he would tell a joker he was from DC or specifically NE quick. Joker act like he was ashamed of the house he live in now and how he could ride his bike all around his cul de sac.

In terms of the lines between DC and Prince George County. Today, the parts of PG that border the city are not aesthetically different IMO. Clearly you know you are in MD because the streets no longer have the section (NE,SE,..) under the name of the street. If one side of the street is MD and the other is DC it's the same street and ultimately the same neighborhood. When you get further into the county that doesn't exactly border the city is where you see the change. But the PG that shares borders, (Capitol Heights, Landover, Seat Pleasant, Temple Hills, Oxon Hill) are seen by a lot of people as Ward 9 today. And although you guys live in the same neighborhood, don't let somebody from the other side of the street hear you say you from DC. LOL I've seen people go so far as to ask what are the first 3 numbers of your Social Security. If it don't start with 57 it is questionable.