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Topic subjectyeah...no.
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12692104, yeah...no.
Posted by SoWhat, Wed Jan-07-15 12:45 PM
i'm from STL. if someone else from STL asks me where from i tell 'em Florissant and U. City. but usually they ask where i went to high school and i name my high school (which is in Florissant) and then we talk about that or something else.

again, i don't do it b/c i'm ashamed of my upbringing or b/c i want the cool factor associated w/being from St. Louis city proper (???). i do it for the sake of convenience.

i live in Chicago now. in the city. i've met ppl who've said they're from Chicago and when i've asked where (i don't always b/c i often don't care) they've named some suburb. i have not cared one iota. it has not negatively impacted my view of them that they didn't cop to being from Country Club Hills or Matteson or Arlington Heights when we first met.

it just...doesn't matter to me.