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Topic subjectNot in the 90s... not everywhere
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12691227, Not in the 90s... not everywhere
Posted by placee_22, Tue Jan-06-15 03:36 PM
Crossing the Chattahoochee on Cobb Pkwy for instance. I KNOW that once you cross the river you're not in Atlanta anymore, but there was no sign. Like not even one telling you that you'd crossed over into another county.

Then there's Atlanta-DeKalb which is just weird all around, but still again no signs. That damn sign on I-20 West @ Moreland Ave (inbound) indicating you're entering Fulton County* is still covered by Bushes... like for the last 15+ yrs.

*The Atlanta City Limits sign (in DeKalb County) is a few miles back just beyond Candler Road.