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Topic subjectI want to turn True American to be a real drinking game.
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12690460, I want to turn True American to be a real drinking game.
Posted by Very-Effortless, Mon Jan-05-15 04:19 PM
New Girl is my cardio series currently (basically I find a 30 minute TV show to watch on Netflix and it's how I get through my cardio).

This morning, I watched the episode where Nick and Jess kiss for the first time and it stemmed off them playing the Bill Clinton version of True American and I just thought - damn I wish this was a real drinking game with rules.

So I googled it... it's definitely not, but people have tried to make sense of the rules in the show:

I feel like I can turn this into a legit game with a few tweaks.

When I was young, we used to play something similar called King of the Floor - which is exactly what it sounds like. We actually had some great games that we made up - Night Bird being the best summer break inventions ever (basically Marco Polo but in a completely dark room and the person who is "it" is also blind folded and no one says Marco Polo... you just try to be stealthy.) Maybe I should just make some of my childhood games into drinking games. Although someone will probably end up in a hospital.

But yeah, who wants to help me come up with legit rules for True American? I feel like a google doc is in order.