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Topic subjectmainly military, working at the embassy.
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12690408, mainly military, working at the embassy.
Posted by akon, Mon Jan-05-15 03:39 PM
hmm, recently met a texan (houston) ex cop whos done afghanistan, iraq, some west african countries etc. - pretty much anywwhere fucked up
biz card says political affairs, iontkno.

only person i'm really cool with is my pal -also in public health
also from texas (dallas), she and i got a lot in common.
in the 5 years ive been here, unless they've been embassy attached (ie military)
i havent met folks doing the work i do
but this places is flooded with all kinds of white folk :o(

please, send better representatives.

wait did you mean in general/everyone? (cause ^^^ im talking about black folk)

usaid types, (mainly white), ex peace-corp types
the usual randumb humanitarian types
we got many us-based ngos and you know how we do in the aid industry (rather import people than hire from the region).
i've pretty much only worked us-based ngos (looking to do better, tho)
would definitely prefer to see more Blacks (not these tho- except my friend L, she's pretty awesome)