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Topic subjectif not racism, should we call it nihilism?
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12690382, if not racism, should we call it nihilism?
Posted by akon, Mon Jan-05-15 03:21 PM
Im in juba, south sudan
thought this merits a separate post

interesting enough i met an BlackAmerican here in juba the other day
and a) he's republican :o(
and b) he actually used the line, if those people (i.e poor black people) werent so busy getting pregnant as teenagers

and then when he was talking about people from some village here in south sudan...)
he was like, 'my people' ... (talking about how they are hard working and even with nothing... blablabla)

i kept looking to make sure he really was Black
cause he sounded exactly like those come to save the africans but dont really give a shit about black people in their own country paternalistic white folks that i always run into.

send better representatives.


and now everyone here asks me why they keep shooting the black kids in america
(today; what is going on in america? its like our war here? but only it is legal?)