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Topic subjectso Black Messiah is Sigur Ros for black people?
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12690300, so Black Messiah is Sigur Ros for black people?
Posted by southphillyman, Mon Jan-05-15 02:51 PM
i've listened to the album a couple of times now, most recently on saturday in it's entirety
and i realized it SOUND good but honestly outside of using the song titles as context clues i couldn't tell you what most of these songs are about
i told this to someone i know and she said she can send me a link her friend was passing out so ppl could read along as they listen
() is a classic album to me, so if ppl want to say black messiah is classic despite not being able to sing any portion of the album i'm fine with that
i just ain't know
12690324, nah
Posted by lfresh, Mon Jan-05-15 03:00 PM
one is done on purpose...
no wait
scratch that yes

and loved sigur ros
and i mumble along there as well

and i will continue to mumble here
i suck at lyrics
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