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Topic subjectgift card recievers: How long does it take for you to use it?
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12689875, gift card recievers: How long does it take for you to use it?
Posted by Calico, Mon Jan-05-15 08:39 AM
on some cards i take mey time, and others i spend almost immeadiately...one card, i've had for about 2+ years
12689889, Many moons.
Posted by Brew, Mon Jan-05-15 09:21 AM
I get several and I leave them in the middle compartment in my car. And every so often when I'm feeling super cheap I'll check to see if I have a GC for whatever place I'm about to go into. I'm usually happy to find that I have $25 or even $50 (sometimes even 2 GCs to the same place totaling upwards of $100) to spend which either gets me all my shit for free or at least gives me a nice buffer at a place like Best Buy if I'm looking to buy a relatively expensive electronic device or something.

Then food GCs are always good to find.

Long story short I probably keep 80% of my gift cards for over 2 years mostly because I often forget to check for them. And it creates a nice surprise when I realize that OH SHIT I do have $100 to this place. Haha.
12689890, My wife bought me a gift card for my shirtmaker (luxire) in May
Posted by John Forte, Mon Jan-05-15 09:21 AM
I still haven't used it.
12689908, on average 1-2 years...
Posted by ndibs, Mon Jan-05-15 10:03 AM
i just spent one that was 1-2 years old to half price books on a book for the gift card giver this christmas. problem is i never go to west omaha (suburbville) so i knew it would be a long time before i made it out there again. so i used it up on someone else. another from the movies waas 2 years. i either went to different theatres or went on dates that paid. i have $50-60 to sur la table and i think i'll use it soon bc i actually asked for that and have some thigns in mind. but i have a mini gift card wallet i have so many.
12689948, usually immediately unless its for some place like Macys or Tj Maxx
Posted by Binladen, Mon Jan-05-15 10:35 AM
like I got this past Christmas. I ended up selling the Macys gift card. I went to like 3 or 4 different Macys and couldnt find shit. That place is almost as bad as Kohl's.
12689954, ha!...i got a Macy's one this year too and don't like the place
Posted by Calico, Mon Jan-05-15 10:43 AM
...last thing i bought there was dress socks....

i thought about selling it, but i don't like doing that with gifts...guess i'll cop more socks..maybe they'll have some shoes...