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Topic subjectI'm fitna go stunt at Target...
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12689682, I'm fitna go stunt at Target...
Posted by CRichMonkey, Sun Jan-04-15 05:50 PM
I can't help myself, yo.

I walk up in the Targets and all I wanna do is stunt.

Waffle irons.

Surge protectors.

Vitamin Water.

iPhone docks.


All I wanna do when I'm there is see how much I can shine for a reasonable price. My wife tryna send me there tonight and she already know that I'mma go ham out the gate. I might even get a little Pizza Hut pizza and split it with my kid because I can.

Who else is flossin' at the Targets?

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12689874, this clown said hes going to stunt...@ Target?!
Posted by Binlahab, Mon Jan-05-15 08:30 AM
nigga got on Merona from head to toe


does it really matter?

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12689877, No lie, I was just about to make a post about Target....
Posted by Lardlad95, Mon Jan-05-15 08:46 AM
And how that place looks like Guantanamo for married men.

Went in that bitch yesterday and I'm pretty sure one dude slipped me a note pleading for help. It was nothing but women giving verbal commands and hand gestures to the lifeless male husks shuffling along beside them while holding an equally despondent infant.

What the fuck yo? I'm at an age where I want to pursue a serious long term relationship, but jesus fucking christ that terrified me.

I caught one guy hovering by the video games with a guilty look on his face like he just knew his wife was going to emerge from behind the PS4 display with some kitchen sheers and a mason jar so she can preserve his nuts after she neuters him.