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Topic subjectI feel like that stat is misrepresented
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12689284, I feel like that stat is misrepresented
Posted by Atillah Moor, Sat Jan-03-15 06:04 PM
For one everyone knows white society as a whole is way more violent. Ask the Vietnamese, Native Americans, Chinese, Japanese, Jews (yeah they got lynched too), Arabs, and of course the Africans.

Now if we're talking domestically, why do white people even care how much crime black people commit amongst themselves? Next question is how much of that violence is gang violence? In LA alone the Crips and Bloods have killed each other in numbers greater than the bloody conflict between Irish Protestants and Catholics.

Folks spout that statistic but don't even bother to delve into the details (not that they even know them) it's even more ridiculous because they try to use it as some form of justification for whites killing blacks. It's laughable and absurd just like the people who's attitudes created the environments in which this violence thrives.