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Topic subjectPhilko says "Blacks butt hurt over black crime statistics"
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12689276, Philko says "Blacks butt hurt over black crime statistics"
Posted by Heat, Sat Jan-03-15 05:40 PM
A fairy engaging couple of minutes on why he believes black Americans are amongst the most violent groups in America:

12689280, Let me guess what the responses will be
Posted by ScooterBug, Sat Jan-03-15 05:52 PM
12689283, RE: Let me guess what the responses will be
Posted by c71, Sat Jan-03-15 06:04 PM


why we can't spell now?
12689315, Yeah, because dude sounds like a coon.
Posted by Lardlad95, Sat Jan-03-15 07:10 PM
Dude didn't say anything we haven't heard from any other lame nigga these past few weeks.
12689956, Bingo.
Posted by Dr Claw, Mon Jan-05-15 10:43 AM
do better, PooterBug
12689398, STOP SNITCHING!!!
Posted by Shaun Tha Don, Sun Jan-04-15 12:46 AM
12689284, I feel like that stat is misrepresented
Posted by Atillah Moor, Sat Jan-03-15 06:04 PM
For one everyone knows white society as a whole is way more violent. Ask the Vietnamese, Native Americans, Chinese, Japanese, Jews (yeah they got lynched too), Arabs, and of course the Africans.

Now if we're talking domestically, why do white people even care how much crime black people commit amongst themselves? Next question is how much of that violence is gang violence? In LA alone the Crips and Bloods have killed each other in numbers greater than the bloody conflict between Irish Protestants and Catholics.

Folks spout that statistic but don't even bother to delve into the details (not that they even know them) it's even more ridiculous because they try to use it as some form of justification for whites killing blacks. It's laughable and absurd just like the people who's attitudes created the environments in which this violence thrives.
12689297, everyone knows that? lmao
Posted by cgonz00cc, Sat Jan-03-15 06:43 PM
12689820, I take that back
Posted by Atillah Moor, Sun Jan-04-15 11:57 PM
Were all pretty damned violent. Shit ain't a contest.
12689969, yeah. sad part of human nature
Posted by cgonz00cc, Mon Jan-05-15 10:52 AM
12689294, Like that time Black People killed 100M people during the World Wars
Posted by Buddy_Gilapagos, Sat Jan-03-15 06:40 PM
oh wait. Someone get this dude some Howard Zinn stat.

"Everyone has a plan until you punch them in the face. Then they don't have a plan anymore." (c) Mike Tyson

12689328, aint nobody got 14 minutes for that
Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Sat Jan-03-15 07:38 PM
i am sure this will poast in some misguided effort to determine who is more violent, whites or blacks. there will be undoubtedly be some historically misinformed discussion of european and african history. and i will be very, very bored.
12689375, why do we care what this internet person is saying again
Posted by astralblak, Sat Jan-03-15 10:48 PM
12689383, Someone is wrong on the internet.
Posted by Lardlad95, Sat Jan-03-15 11:32 PM
12689411, This is the go-to talking point for racists.
Posted by Kira, Sun Jan-04-15 01:53 AM
See, see, see they commit all the crimes so what's the big deal? Fuck this dude cosigning this bullshit.
12689420, RE: Philko says "Blacks butt hurt over black crime statistics"
Posted by Slugger_Onions, Sun Jan-04-15 02:53 AM
>A fairy engaging couple of minutes on why he believes black
>Americans are amongst the most violent groups in America:

So basically he's saying since we kill each other, it's OK for white people (usually cops) to kill us, even when it's not justified. I guess two wrongs make a right after all.
12689425, why do yall give these randoms clicks?
Posted by Binlahab, Sun Jan-04-15 05:32 AM
i dont get it

& LOL @ anybody spending 14 min of their time listening to this clown abt a gatdamn thing

12689663, yeah. It's really all about clicks
Posted by kayru99, Sun Jan-04-15 05:20 PM
from faaaaaar right, to poorly thought out left, it's about clicks online.

Keep that in mind, and you, too, can have an informative and relaxing day on the internet