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Topic subjectYou sound like an outlier
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12689721, You sound like an outlier
Posted by Atillah Moor, Sun Jan-04-15 06:55 PM
Like I said I'm interested in finding the racists who wield power. Enough power to have an impact on black folks. And I think finding generational links in ideology is an effective way to out the closested ones.

I also want to know who the hell those folks are in those lynching photos. I have always wanted to know that. To me its such a flagrant viloation of the "law" while at the same time being hard proof as to how systemically flawed the so called justice system is. I also can't help but feel those people in some cases have produced successive lines of bigots, some of which may be captains of industry i.e. "Big Fish".

>I work with a buncha racist ass right-winged white folks
>WTF we need to waste money on constructing a "list" for?
Why? You like those folks or something? Seriously though, do you disagree with all the reason others have posted about the possible benefits such a resource could have? The goal is to identify racist policy makers or influencers, chief law enforcers, and business to name a few.

>You can't be serious?
>With thoughts like this I know you crazy as fuck.
>ooooooo I want to see/interact with some of these OKPs in real
>nobody CANT be this fucking crazy
>can't be

What's crazy about it? What's crazy about wanting to know where the real influential racists are? And if that makes me crazy then so be it I guess.

>my slave owner great great great grandad was excommunicated
>from his family and run up out of Alabama in 1850s because he
>married his slave.
>this was BEFORE the emancimation proclamation
>a white man marrying a black ass slave
>free'd her and her 4 sons (well, their sons)
>i think his sons would have been considered white tho because
>of their daddy
>anyway, so my family will be penalized and have to pay money
>or give up land because he owned slaves when it was perfectly
>legal to do so?

No. This isn't about taking any money or land. It's about finding racists in places of power so that their power might be mitigated or at the very least it can be shown how pervasive racism in America is.

>so, how does/will this "list" work in your mind?

Well it'll have slave owning families for starters and eventually their slaves. It will attempt to follow the money more than the members and hopefully help shed light on areas where said money or member had an impact.

It will have the Who What When and Where of those lynching postcards.

It will follow the influence (if any) of racist legislators, the J Edgar Hoovers, Bull Conners (and every man under his command) and folks like the producer of Birth of a Nation.

It will be a privately funded endeavor and it's researchers will come largely from the black community.

>have at it

Thanks, I got my SQL commands ready to go.