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Topic subjectWe don't need no list for that shit. You wasting money.
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12689666, We don't need no list for that shit. You wasting money.
Posted by deejboram, Sun Jan-04-15 05:27 PM
I work with a buncha racist ass right-winged white folks
WTF we need to waste money on constructing a "list" for?

>>You can't possibly say my wife is racist because her great
>>granddad had slaves.
>>How are you going to know what current day white people are
>>"out to get us" by concocting this "list"?
>By looking for patterns of activity. Slave owner has son who
>becomes mayor who has a son that becomes chief of police who
>has a son that becomes a senator. I think a scenario like that
>would be worth looking into. I'm only interested in the big
>fish not the small fry.

You can't be serious?
With thoughts like this I know you crazy as fuck.
ooooooo I want to see/interact with some of these OKPs in real life.
nobody CANT be this fucking crazy
can't be

my slave owner great great great grandad was excommunicated from his family and run up out of Alabama in 1850s because he married his slave.
this was BEFORE the emancimation proclamation
a white man marrying a black ass slave
free'd her and her 4 sons (well, their sons)
i think his sons would have been considered white tho because of their daddy
anyway, so my family will be penalized and have to pay money or give up land because he owned slaves when it was perfectly legal to do so?
that was just the status quo but he felt otherwise and went a different route
anyway, he sold some of the land in alabama (which was still ALOT) but most of it was confiscated because he was fuckin them negroes
he runs off to texas and buys a shitload of land
enough to carve two modern day cities out of
and that's how our family owns a city in texas and another in louisiana today

but everybody after 1850s have had Black blood in them

so, how does/will this "list" work in your mind?
and my situation is pretty clear cut but just looking at family trees you wont know NONE of what i just wrote
this is all "word of mouth"
just like i have aunts and uncles who are "biological" but back in them days you not going to say you had this or that kid out of your marriage so you just fold them in and act like nothing happened but they dont share blood with my father

have at it