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Topic subjectactually the west german government paid out $3B marks as well.
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12689629, actually the west german government paid out $3B marks as well.
Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Sun Jan-04-15 04:18 PM
>when yall Jews got your checks it was directly tied to
>individual businesses that were shamed and made to pay up.
>like parmalat and SNCF
>parmalat for giving yall cinide laced milk in the holocaust
>and SNCF for giving yall one way tickets to Mathausen

I know what you are referring to but prior to that the West German government also paid out reparations, I think it was $3B marks over 15 years or something like that. This was in the early 50s. What you are talking about happened in the late 80s or early 90s, when we were kids.

>i think the biggest problem with reparations who not who pays
>and how much but WHO GETS THEY CHECK???
>like, on NCOBRA's site it says:


>Who should receive reparations?
>Within the broadest definition, all Black people of African
>descent in the United States should receive reparations in the
>form of changes in or elimination of laws and practices that
>allow them to be treated differently and less well than White
>how do we determine "African" descent"?
>We going by one drop rule?
>What percentage of your blood needs to be Africanized in order
>to get a check?
>My daughter is half black, do her check be half as much as
>mine cause I'm full black?
>we're going to "forget" that my mom is Mexican but she is
>Afro-Mexican so I'm still all Black with africanised blood.

Right I mean we lived in a country that is very mixed, we are talking about a people who became very much mixed and also we have had numerous black immigrants to the country that did not come as a result of slavery or live under those conditions. One-drop rule would insufficient IMHO.

>I'm going to jump on this train real tough now cause I looked
>at tuition at Georgia Tech and they want $200,000 RIGHT TODAY
>for a 4 year degree so in 18 years when she ready who knows
>what it'll be.
>But these reparations checks she'll have coming in should help
>defray some of that cost.

Holler @ Bin, apparently. He makes things happen.