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Topic subjectThere are many good points already posted here
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12689529, There are many good points already posted here
Posted by Atillah Moor, Sun Jan-04-15 01:12 PM
>yeah you black and i dont like you and my great-great STEP
>grandfather was a slave breaker.
>so what?

I know you know attrocities comitted against non-whites are much more recent than that-- 1950 is not a long time ago. Also it's okay for people to just know even if they do nothing with that information. I personally think connecting the dots will help reveal where and to what extent racist attitudes and policy are most and least effective.

>what do something somebody thought in 1815 have to do with
>what ppl think in 2015?

A lot man a whole lot. People can die and their spirit can live on.

>what are you going to do with this info?

Provide jobs, computer training, and identity building for non whites of African descent.

>what do you think someone else might do with this info?

Hopefully something productive.

>Oh, your anscestors owned slaves or dealth with slave so I'm
>not going to be your friend anymore.

A person has the right to make such a decision if they so choose. At least it's not as arbitrary as skin color.

>how can mods allow such HATE on this site?

Because it's not about hate-- it's about INFORMATION

>i swear if you replaced everything you're saying with GAYS
>this post would of BEEN done been shut down

A gay person never called me nigger.

>"let's draw a schematic of everyone's family history and find
>out who had GAY great grandparents. if they have GAY great
>grandparents we will know how to "deal" with them in today's

It's more about sphere of influence more than anything else. And black people deserve to know the details of said sphere.

>stop being so hateful man
>it's some cool white ppl out there
>all white ppl's not bad

It's not about hate it's about power through knowledge. There are cool white folks out there and they are not the majority. This can help those not experienced with white culture to better determine who is and is not cool. Not all white folks wear their racism on their sleeves.