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Topic subjectWhy you attribute everything I write to trolling?
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12689525, Why you attribute everything I write to trolling?
Posted by deejboram, Sun Jan-04-15 12:59 PM
>Who said anything about going to Bin to promote a cause? I
>know that he's down with the reparations movement, so I was
>thinking that he may have some info on a database or one in
>the works. If he doesn't, I can ask the people I know in my
>real life.

Shit man.
You're talking about a serious ass topic then you throw Bin's name in there for whatever, then your cause will be suspect and tainted.
Even when you ask him about reparations on the boards he sends you to some generic NCOBRA or Green Party site

we can do that with a simple Google.

But you threw Bin's name in there like he was lending credibility to whatever it was that you're saying.
That's why Charlie made his remark.
Bin don't have credibility regarding movements like that