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Topic subjectRE: I'm all for it.
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12689242, RE: I'm all for it.
Posted by afrogirl_lost, Sat Jan-03-15 03:59 PM
>The descendants of slave-owners should share in that
>wealth generation and be directed to disburse reparations to
>of slaves.
>This database would also illustrate the fact that so few
>people are related
>to slave-owners, despite the narrative that seems to suggest
>that an inordinate
>amount of 'white' Americans are related to slave-holding

I think that most people realize that the planter class was relatively small. Most high school text books bold and highlight that point lol. The narrative that most people miss is how enslavement was connected to pretty much every aspect of American life. Even if your people never owned slaves, you benefitted from the government sanctioned super-exploited state of enslaved Black folks. Hence, contemporary issues of racism and white privilege.