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Topic subjectWell-- maybe it's time for aggression?
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12689177, Well-- maybe it's time for aggression?
Posted by Atillah Moor, Sat Jan-03-15 01:26 PM
In all honesty there are times for such things and it does really seem like now is such a time. It may provoke aggression, but maybe the aggression is a step towards something greater. Also it's fear that motivates that type of thinking and I think fear in this case is an obstacle.

I get that thinking though, but I also think it's important that non-whites be armed with something that would allow us to at least have a better understanding of who's for us and who is not. A possible good result would be less misplaced aggression.

I personally don't think anyone should be spared any guilt-- if the legal system sanctioned their actions then another system should be in place to shed light. Apples really do not fall far from tress and I think knowing who these people and their progeny are would ultimately paint a clearer picture of how ingrained racist ideology is in our various systems of government, law enforcement, and business. If they are still hunting down SS officers then it's fair to expose this country's own brazen acts of injustice, the perpetrators, and the legacy of said perps.