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Topic subjectI'm no expert but
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12688503, I'm no expert but
Posted by ShinobiShaw, Thu Jan-01-15 10:38 PM
Craps: The most fun to play but one of the harder games to figure out. Lots of different bets you can make. You don't have to play on every dice roll and you don't have to leave the table unless someone else wants to jump in. Probably the best place to score some free drinks too.

BlackJack: My personal favorite. You need to know the rules before jumping in on this one. If you got 2 other people at the table that knows how to fucking play you can beat the dealer a lot. If you are in Vegas, go to old las vegas strip and hit up the old casinos. They got cheap opening bets and you learn how to play.

Roulette: Man fuck this game. Best odds my ass. I think this might be the most rigged piece of shit on the whole casino floor. Its simple as hell and that is how they get you.

Slots: Hey slots are what I call "extra cash" games. If you didn't blow all your money by now you should take whatever you got left from losing and play slots with it. I don't mean go to the ATM and take out more money. I mean take your cab fare or your buffet money and put it in the slots. You might get lucky! I won $250 bucks on slots. Most money I ever won in a casino.

Poker: I've been playing poker online and on some apps but never in real life. This game is versus other people as opposed to the casino itself. If you got people who are good at your table you are fucked. If you are playing with a bunch of newbies and you know how to play you will clean up.

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