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Topic subject*just* happened to me at the gym...
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12687704, *just* happened to me at the gym...
Posted by murderbear, Wed Dec-31-14 09:45 AM
I was on the treadmill tho', so maybe I was asking for it (jk)

This dude is giving me this intense stare like he knew me, and it threw me off cuz homeboy was YOKED to the max.

Caught him looking again like five minutes later. Fuck

Twenty mins later, I'm at another station and I see him approaching me

"Hey man, did you go to xxxxuniversity?"

I look down, realize I got a xxxxDad tshirt on, it all makes sense now

Although, I was quick to throw my daughter in the convo...like the way women will mention their boyfriend randomly when they feel you're tryna holla..lol..I was a bit ashamed of how quickly I did it too.

Anyway, cool dude, I guess.