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Topic subjectBill Cosby on Phylicia Rashad's marriage "Ahmad messed up that thing"
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12687451, Bill Cosby on Phylicia Rashad's marriage "Ahmad messed up that thing"
Posted by CherNic, Tue Dec-30-14 07:19 PM
I think he's losing it


These Bill Cosby Comments About Phylicia Rashad Are Kind of Strange
Iyana Robertson Posted December 30, 2014

Understatement alert: Bill Cosby isn’t having a great year.

As controversy surrounds the comedian in regards to his influx of rape allegations, new bits of information continue to surface. In an interview with NewsOne back in November, which was published yesterday (Dec. 29), things take a bit of a creepy turn. Initially recalling the overarching idea of his classic A Different World series, the conversation turns to his on-screen relationship with Phylicia Rashad, who played Clair Huxtable on The Cosby Show.

Leaning in to give a scoop, Cosby discusses Rashad’s then-husband ex-football player and sportscaster Ahmad Rashad. In what can only be described as strange, he says the chemistry between Cliff and Claire Huxtable was ruined by the actress’ pregnancy:

Ahmad Rashad messed up that thing. When he married her I didn’t mind, but then she got pregnant and I didn’t want Cliff and Clair to have another kid. So we had to hide her body, which took me away from — took Cliff away from – touching her and playing with her because I didn’t want the audience to see that. So when that season was over, and she went on and had the child, it was gone. Not the love for her, but it was gone in terms of, now we have to get back to the touchy – I just lost it.

We’re not sure what to make of this. Watch Bill Cosby talk Cliff and Claire Huxtable in the video above.

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