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Topic subjectIt’s surreal, like something out of a Lifetime movie.
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12686632, It’s surreal, like something out of a Lifetime movie.
Posted by Cold Truth, Mon Dec-29-14 07:01 PM
I’m the sort who looks at the world and believes people tend to buckle down and do what has to be done in these situations, but the way she’s conducted herself seems preternatural even by that standard. Obviously I’m not privy to private breakdowns and moments of complete weakness, but it just seems like she’s dealt with this in textbook fashion.

A small part of me feels (illogically, I suppose) guilty to some degree, since my FB content might as well be a shrine to my daughter and all her milestones and smiles while hers consists largely of her child making it another day/week/month/year. I’m posting with jubilance about my wife’s current pregnancy while she’s hoping and praying her child sees another Christmas while she still prepares for the inevitable.