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Topic subjectLouis Armstrong arrested as "suspicious & dangerous" age 9 in 1910
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12686364, Louis Armstrong arrested as "suspicious & dangerous" age 9 in 1910
Posted by imcvspl, Mon Dec-29-14 03:13 PM
just to be clear this is prior to his arrest in 1913 for shooting a gun on new years eve. this was just a round-up.


Down the street, between Gravier Street and Tulane Avenue, police put a stop to something else. Six boys were arrested there "for being dangerous and suspicious characters," according to a brief on page 4 of the following day's Daily Picayune.

"Detectives Charles Mellen, William Kennedy, John Dantonio and Patrolman Anthony Sabrier arrested Henry Smith, of Lafayette and Fulton; James Kent, of 338 Saratoga Street; Archie Anderson, of 631 Dryades Street; Willie Telfry, of 416 S. Franklin Street; Louis Armstrong, of Perdido, between Liberty and Franklin streets; and Eddie Moore, of Liberty, between Gravier and Perdido streets," the paper said.

Armstrong was 9.


over a hundred years and ain't a damn thing changed.

the whole article is interesting. though i must side against the we should be thankful for it because it led to him becoming the great trumpeter angle.

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